Tightlines UV WHenko Whiskers 5" 4 pack

Tightlines UV

$ 6.99 
SKU: 63M9


Tightlines UV WHenko Rig delivers an unbelievably unique stickbait presentation by combining advanced UV (ultimate vision) technology with one-of-a-kind silicone skirting accents.  Molded with openings on each side of the body, the Tightlines UV Whenko Rig features premium silicone skirting threaded through the body, generating a natural-flowing action as it slowly shimmies towards the lake bottom.

Poured using a special UV additive, the Tightlines UV WHenko Rig isolates the wavelengths that bass see best, making them more visible to predatory bass. The WHenko Rig delivers a modified stickbait design that sets the bar in-terms of raw attraction.

  • Color: Chartreuse Pepper/Pepper Tip
  • Size: 5:
  • Quantity: 4