Tightlines UV Jesse Tacoronte's T-Craw 4" 3 pack

Tightlines UV

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Jesse Tacoronte, Bassmaster elite series pro, designed the anatomically detailed Tightlines UV Jesse Tacoronte's T-Craw.  

Notice the realistic design of the soft plastic?!  The thorax, carapace, cervical groove, rostrum and two antennae mimic a live crawfish!  A pair of claws are located on its side and belly of the thorax.  The mouth leads into a hollow cavity in the center of its torso. This cavity can be used by an angler can insert a rattle, inject additional scent into, or use in other creative ways.  And of course, the Whiskers silicone skirt strands add action to the crawling action.  

Poured using Tighlines’s UV technology, this bait is made with a secondary UV coloring that helps isolate the colors bass see best, making it even more attractive in the dark environment below the vegetation. Taking appeal to a whole-new level, the Tightlines UV T-Craw is also impregnated with the Tightlines UV Fishbomb crawfish scent!  

  • Size: 4"
  • Quantity: 3
  • Whisker Crawling Action 
  • The Fishbomb crawfish scent 
  • Nano technology hollow core