#rileystronger Jason Isgrigg signature series 1/2oz spinnerbait


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This spinnerbait honors Riley Thomas, from Monmouth IL, who passed away in the second half of 2016, at the young age of 12, due to her battle with RMS cancer.  Riley was Team Lunkerbrag angler Jason Isgrigg's cousin.  Riley's favorite color was purple and Jason has had a lot of success with purple baits.  Jason Isgrigg, Lunkerbrag and Throw-N-Thunder Lure Co. brought this together and made sure to use nothing but the best components (listed below) and are proud to bring you this spinnerbait, in honor of Riley and all children and their families who have fought or are fighting cancer. 

51 customers purchased 111 #rileystronger spinnerbaits total through 07/31/2017, and Lunkerbrag donated $2.00/ea ($222 total) to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in August as a result!  We also donated $100 to Riley's family.  Thanks to everyone who purchased a spinnerbait during our donation period! When you catch a bass on this spinnerbait, we encourage you to post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #rileystronger and tag @Lunkerbrag.  Include the size or weight of your bass please.  Steve West has caught the largest bass thus far and because he posted a pic using the #rileystronger hash tag, he was awarded $25 for doing so!  See our pics on Facebook and Instagram!

Throw-N-Thunder's titanium wire spinnerbait is extremely durable, designed to endure landing lunker after lunker. The wire also gives off an incredible vibration so you get the best of both worlds.  

In addition to the titanium wire, this spinnerbait features:

  • premium Mustad hook
  • silicone skirt
  • Worth ball bearing
  • Detailed custom paint job with multiple layers of clear coat
  • Shallow blades that turn quick, give ability to slow roll at minimal speed 
  • one brass, one nickel blade
  • trailer keeper 

It's arguably the best spinnerbait you'll throw and for a price that rivals the average stuff found at the big stores.  Honor Riley, bring awareness to childhood cancer and Thunder Up today!  #rileystronger