Crock-O-Gator 3/8oz Wiese Jig 2pk


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Mark Wiese Jr. has been competing since the mid '90s, earning numerous 1st place finishes in tournament trails such as Angler's Choice, Angler's in Action, Bass World Sports, Media Bass and the Ozark Mountain Team Trail.  Mark spent countless hours designing this jig, incorporating features he was looking for based on many years of experience on the water.  Mark and the crew and Crock-O-Gator tested it over and over, making adjustments until the jig was perfect.  The result is a premium, tournament grade jig designed for success, with 2 to a package!
  • custom color head to match or complement skirt 
  • football head design with unique double flat bottom
  • heavy round bend Mustad hook
  • industry leading trailer keeper
  • tournament proven
  • horizontal line tie
  • heavy weed guard 
  • silicone skirt
  • 2 per pack