Bill Lewis StutterStep 4.0 top water hard bait


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Since the original StutterStep was released at the 2016 ICAST, anglers have been asking for a smaller version of this revolutionary topwater bait. Bill Lewis is answering the call with the Bill Lewis Stutterstep 4.0. The smaller StutterStep 4.0 produces all the same great action as the original 5-inch model but has a little harder tail kick due to its compact size. Perfect for times when the bait fish are small or when there is increased fishing pressure and the fish want a more subtle presentation.

  • Length 4"
  • Weight 5/8oz
  • Style top water
  • Hooks (2) #4 Mustad (not shown in pic)
  • Color 612 Ayu

The most action packed top water you've ever fished, the StutterStep has moves like you've never seen before!  We're talking unique and repeatable actions like wag the tail, wobble wake, turn-around-twitch, and it's namesake stutter step.  The stutter step action allows an angler to walk the lure back and forth without moving the lure from a targeted area.  A steady retrieve with subtle twitches will bring the lure to life making the head dart side-to-side while the tail kicks in the back.