Throw-N-Thunder 3/8oz Bladed Swim Jigs


$ 6.99 
SKU: 39D5


This bait is hot among tournament anglers right now and for good reason.  Throw-N-Thunder's blade bait has an unmatched action and versatility as it works great on a constant or stop and go retrieve.  Leave it to Thrown-N-Thunder to find a way to make this bait even better with a small under spin blade (except citrus shad color) for added flash and vibration!  

  • premium Mustad hook
  • Z-Man EZ-skirt with silicone strands that pulsate on the retrieve (extra long skirt on citrus shad color)
  • stainless blade
  • custom paint job designed to match skirt colors
  • jighead barb to keep trailer in place
  • exclusive under spin blade (except for citrus shad color which does not have an under spin blade)
  • Worth ball bearing swivel

The purple & gold color scheme is new and exclusive to Lunkerbrag!