Throw-N-Thunder Titanium Wire 1/2oz Double Willow Spinnerbaits


$ 6.25 $ 7.50
SKU: 77R1


Throw-N-Thunder's titanium wire spinnerbait is truly a hidden gem and you've found it!  The titanium wire is extremely durable, designed to endure landing lunker after lunker.  The wire also gives off an incredible vibration so you get the best of both worlds.  

In addition to the titanium wire, this spinnerbait features:

  • premium Mustad hook
  • Z-Man EZ-skirt with silicone strands that pulsate on the retrieve (extra long skirt on blue shad, white/blue shad and citrus shad)
  • Worth ball bearing
  • Detailed custom paint job with multiple layers of clear coat
  • Shallow blades that turn quick, give ability to slow roll at minimal speed 
  • one brass, one nickel blade (except for blue shad, white/blue shad and citrus shad which have two nickel blades)
  • trailer keeper 

It's arguably the best spinnerbait you'll throw and for a price that rivals the average stuff found at the big stores.  Throw the best and Thunder Up today!