2021 Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing

We've been giving away prizes for fantasy fishing for 8 years! 

 Our group, Lunkerbrag, is live on the Rapala Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing site as of January 6, 2021!  We'd love to you have you join, but hurry because we will close the group at 5AM CST on Feb 11 before the Elite series event at the St. John's River starts.  This way, everyone in our group needs to be a member from the start of the season to participate.  

We will have a TBD prize at the end of the 2021 Elite Series season for the Lunkerbrag group player with the highest cumulative score as well as other random prizes and drawings that we will do for group members.  Four examples of this have already happened:

  • A cash drawing we did on Jan 7, 2021 for the first 100 players to join our group!  The winner was D Walker (GoVols23)
  • A prize package drawing we did on Jan 7, 2021 for the players who joined by 6PM!  The winner was T. Rittenhouse (Tman47)
  • A cash drawing we did on Jan 12, 2021 for the first 500 players to join our group!  The winner was C. Palau (Brownbass206)
  • A cash drawing we did on Jan 25, 2021 for the first 900 players to join our group!  The winner was J. Lipko (PA2KS)

Update: We also have a Drain the Lake fantasy fishing group and anyone already in our traditional fantasy fishing group are now automatically in this new group.  We will award a TBD prize for the highest cumulative score on Drain the Lake.  Be sure to make your picks before it starts on 04/22/2021 for the best chance to win!

It will be important to check the group comment message board within the Lunkerbrag group for winner announcements and other relevant details as well as visit this page for updates.  You can also follow us on Instagram as well @Lunkerbrag where we post the drawings and more details.  More to come soon on the prize info.  Good luck!