Crock-O-Gator Shaker Pro Head 1/8oz 4pk


$ 5.50 
SKU: 27N1


Arguably the ultimate finesse approach for finicky or heavily pressured bass is the shaky head matched with a soft plastic lure.  The key to successful shaky head fishing is to use the lightest jighead possible yet still keep contact with the bottom.  Typically this 1/8oz size is ideal, but on a windy day or when fishing current, 1/4oz can be called for.  The Gator Shaker Pro head is designed to keep the lure standing up straight.  For maxium impact, try pairing this with the Zee Bait Co Rib Tail Worm, because the formula does not contain salt which allows the bait to float straight up from the hook.  

  • 1/8oz
  • custom stand up head design
  • pro coil style keeper
  • longer hook shaft 
  • super sharp hook
  • 4 per pack