Crock-O-Gator 3/8oz Zapper HD Flipping Jig 2pk


$ 5.50 
SKU: 34N6

Referred to as "the perfect flipping jig" by several Lake of Ozarks tournament anglers, the Zapper HD adds a heavy 5/0 flipping hook to the original Zapper Jig.  A great all around quality flipping jig, at a great value with 2 to a package!  
  • custom color head to match or complement skirt 
  • excels with heavy equipment (MH, H, XH rod + braid or heavy line)
  • designed for heavy cover or shallow flipping
  • heavy 5/0 flipping hook 
  • trailer keeper
  • tournament proven
  • horizontal line tie
  • quality brush guard
  • silicone skirt
  • 2 per pack